Pamela Grzybowski: From a Hokie Family

Pam Grzybowski was the fourth member of her family to attend Virginia Tech. The youngest of seven children, her first memories of campus come from attending her brother’s graduation. Even though her older siblings had been Hokies first, Pam made her Virginia Tech experience her own. While she was here she was a member of the Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity, made lifelong friends, and met her husband at a Sigma Phi Epsilon event. She graduated in 1991 with a degree in Business Management.

“I think a degree from a prominent university really has helped me, I realize as I’ve gone through all my different career changes…that I think it’s seen as much better than if I went somewhere else…I think that’s helped me in my business sense. I certainly carried through with the idea that I like people. I like helping people.”Pamela Grzybowski

Since attending Virginia Tech, Pam has gone on to find fulfilling work in financial aid at a community college. She says that this position has allowed her to interact with many students who she is passionate about helping in their academic careers.

Recently back in town for her 25th reunion, Pam was able to catch up with many friends from her time here including her suitemates from Slusher Wing. Pam has some very fond memories of her Virginia Tech experience, and she and her husband brought their sons to football games when they were younger. Although she is no longer able to attend games and visit campus as often, Virginia Tech continues to have lasting impacts on her life. For example, being a Hokie is something that she and her siblings continue to bond over.

I have siblings that went to Virginia Tech and my brother played lacrosse here, and my sister Patty she was a physical education major…and then Doug was a journalism major, so we kind of talk about our differences, but we all have the same love. I just wrote on Facebook that we were coming down here and my sister who lives in Hawaii now, my second oldest sister who went here was like, “Oh Tech Tech VPI.” I wrote back, “Hokie hokie hokie hi,” so yeah, it’s kind of that connection. Pamela Grzybowski

Even though Pam may have some things she would like to change about her time here, she credits Virginia Tech with her education, friendships, and her husband of 20 years. She enjoyed her Blacksburg experience and continues to represent Virginia Tech with pride.

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Date Recorded: November 11, 2016

Interviewer: Ren Harman

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