hen Karen DePauw was young, she indicated that she didn’t want to become a teacher. While she was raised to value education, as the daughter of two elementary school teachers, DePauw simply found the teaching setting to be too strict and formal. Little did she know, she would later become a tenured professor with an incredibly successful career in academic administration.

DePauw was born in Los Angeles, California, on an unusual snowy day, and she grew up in Thousand Oaks, California—a city just outside of downtown LA. She was always passionate about school and extracurriculars, knowing from a young age that she would eventually go to college. In 1966, she decided on Whittier College, a private liberal arts school in California. She came in as a math major but switched to sociology when she realized that she wanted to explore work in social justice, which would ultimately include children who had disabilities. DePauw graduated from Whittier in 1970 and began teaching developmental physical education in LA city schools. From this job, DePauw learned how to adapt and apply her informal teaching style in her work. She was also able to gain a new perspective of her own experience from working with these students.

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