Christina Daves: Entrepreneur and Hokie

Christina Daves, class of 1989, continues to allow Hokie spirit and Hokie pride to influence her life. Born in Fairfax, VA and raised in Vienna, VA, Christina was aware of Virginia Tech as a child due to her father taking engineering courses from the university when she was growing up. Because Christina’s parents were German immigrants, she had to learn about the college experience largely on her own. Always self-sufficient and independent, Christina took it upon herself to take SAT’s, apply to college, and attend Virginia Tech after her friend from high school told her they should room together. She considers this the best decision of her life. She officially began her undergraduate career in 1985, double-majoring in Political Science and German.

When she saw Virginia Tech for the first time at orientation, Christina recalls an overpowering rainstorm and feeling overwhelmed by how large the campus was. After a week, her initial doubts were gone and she was madly in love with the university. Christina recalls a lot of fun times at Virginia Tech, such as charity events and holding a leadership position in Chi Omega, and camping out at Cassell Coliseum for basketball tickets. Overall, her memories of Virginia Tech all come back to what she says is “the feeling here” of friendliness, community, and confidence.

“That’s Virginia Tech. That’s just how it is, Hokies helping Hokies.”Christina Daves

Following graduation, Christina worked several jobs, and discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it be event planning, land development, data research, or retail, she had a knack for business. Eventually Christina sold her part of a retail store to a friend and retired. However, after breaking her foot and having to wear a boot during a trip to New York, Christina saw a market for boot accessories. She decided other people would like the idea, and started selling medical boot accessories, called CastMedic Designs. Her business won Steve Harvey’s Top Inventor competition, and one of her designs was worn by Diana Ross.

Because of CastMedic designs, Christina had to learn how to self-publicize and discovered she was incredibly good at it. She decided to start a business, called PR for Anyone, built around teaching people how to get publicity for their business. As the CEO and President of CastMedic Designs and PR for Anyone, she uses her skill in PR to help current Hokies with her role in the Marketing Industry Mentoring Board for the Pamplin College of Business. Christina loves working with current Virginia Tech students and enjoys helping them with self-confidence, developing resumés, and encouraging them with their business ideas and goals.

Christina encourages students and faculty at Virginia Tech to work together across majors, specialties, and interests. She stresses that it’s essential in today’s society to collaborate and be well-rounded, and hopes that President Sands' vision for more interdisciplinary connections will help the university and students. To her, students combining skills and interests will only be better for individuals and the community in the long-run.

“What inspires me? I think there’s just like Burruss Hall. It’s just always such a focal point, and the chapel and the Drillfield, and I hope that never changes, because all my memories are there. It’s just such a comforting place.”Christina Daves

“Home” is the word that best describes what Virginia Tech means to Christina, and her continued love of Hokies contributes to the continuation of that spirit for other Hokies. Christina recalls being in Germany, and a fellow Hokie who attended with her husband coming up to her son to comment on his Virginia Tech t-shirt. It’s that community that makes Virginia Tech so special to her, and what inspires her to give back to the school. As she says, “Virginia Tech is the foundation of everything that I’s my’s my friends. It’s my connections...I could just work with Hokies for the rest of my life and everything would be good."

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Date Recorded: November 3, 2017

Interviewer: Ren Harman

Date Posted: September 18, 2019

Editor: Rachel Beisser

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